My Pinterest Party

Can you believe I only took one picture? It was crazy.

I started the project on Thursday, making the chocolate bowls for the ice cream (hit!) and sugar cookies (miss!)

Friday night I made the flautas (tasted good but looked like hell. The corn tortillas cracked. I baked the cupcakes that night, too. 




























Saturday morning I decorated the cupcakes (froze them first to make them easier to cut), made potato salad, which I didn’t like, made appetizers, put the stuff for the chicken tacos in the crock pot (easy!) and made the sangria, which I didn’t like. Too sweet and VERY expensive, with two bottles of wine and a peach liquer and fruit. Then I went shopping for a bottle for my kitten, got lunch, came home and napped. Got up, made corn salad, shredded the chicken for the tacos and decorated the cookies.


Barely had everything out before the company came. Everything was a hit, but dang there was a lot of food. And a lot of work. The next party—I think we’ll order in 🙂

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