Goals for the Week of Testing

I know, y’all were wondering what happened to me. I’m SO TIRED! First, one of the teachers found a newborn litter of kittens on Friday and I brought one home to try to keep it alive. As of this morning, he was doing pretty good. He hasn’t eaten well this afternoon, though, and he’s fussy. He’s strong, though, and can climb up the towel and out of his box!

Then there was the party. I cleaned Wednesday, cooked Thursday and Friday night and STILL had to clean and cook on Saturday morning until about 11. After that, I didn’t sit down except to socialize and feed the kitten. The party lasted until 11 PM, then I fed the kitten and watched Love Actually. Woke up at 4 to feed him again, then 7:30. That was the last time he ate well. The longer between feedings, the weaker he is when he does eat. But heck, the little guy just climbed out of his box again. He’s bonded to me. Fred tried to feed him with no luck. Mom is going to babysit him tomorrow.

So my goals this week:

1) Keep little kitty alive

2) Finish my short story (The last scene I wrote before I found the kitten? The barn cat had kittens on the hero’s bed.)

3) Breakfast duty

4) Survive testing–two days for me, one student. BORING.

5) Keep up house. I just need to maintain the living area and bathrooms, but the kitchen needs to be cleaned, and the bedrooms  were completely overlooked when I was getting ready for the party.

6) Exercise, since I didn’t at all last week.

7) Go to an arts and crafts show next Saturday.

Thank goodness it’s a four day work week, since it’s Fiesta. Still will be a long one!

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  1. Leslie P Garcia
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 21:50:55

    LOL! Art is supposed to imitate life, life is not supposed to imitate art–love the part about the kittens. Delighted you had fun on your birthday, and as always–amazed at how much you get done! Have a good week, notwithstanding testing.


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