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I was very disappointed last week when Netflix sent me What’s Your Number?, a romantic comedy that was way down my queue, instead of the next Game of Thrones DVD. So I popped it in as soon as I got home, thinking to send it back ASAP.

I. Loved. It. It was adorable. Anna Faris played a character who is appalled to find out that not only has she slept with more men than the national average (according to Marie Claire) but also more than her friends. She declares the next man she sleeps with will be here husband. When she gets drunk and sleeps with her boss, well, she can’t marry him. So she decides maybe one of the men from her past will be suitable. She enlists the help of her OMG gorgeous neighbor to help her track down all her exes. Her neighbor (played by Chris Evans, who I never ever looked twice at before but is going to play my cowboy’s brother in the sequel because DANG) is pretty slutty himself, and she agrees to help him escape his various entanglements if he helps her.

Naturally they fall in love and she holds him off because of her number.

It’s a really adorable movie. Some ridiculous moments, of course, but adorable.

In TV news, I’m enjoying the new show Scandal, about the powerhouse lawyer that powerful people turn to when they get in trouble. I love the storyline they’ve given her that makes her vulnerable. Not sure how I feel about her right hand man’s story, though. (I’m terrible with names. Hers is Olivia Pope, I think, not sure what his is. He was in LOST, played the guy in the hatch. 3 names. Henry?)

I’ve watched 2 episodes of Missing because I LOVE Ashley Judd, and I love a good spy story, but like EW wrote, where can it go? It has to have a limited run, because she has to find him, right? If it’s one of those 12 week series like that show about the wedding on an island, the one with the serial killer, loved that show, forgot the name, then it will work. But I don’t see how it can continue season after season.

I’m enjoying the heck out of GCB. I know the characters are over the top, but it’s funny and bright and makes me happy.

The season finale of JUSTIFIED: OMG. O. M. G. Poor Raylan. I’m glad all my favorite characters survived, but poor Raylan. I love father-son stories, but wow. Also, what, 8 months until a new season? Too long!

This week, Raising Hope has its season finale, Revenge comes back…and I’ll barely have time to watch!


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  1. Leslie P Garcia
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 06:22:34

    Always enjoy your posts, MJ! I probably should get with the program and turn on some of these shows now and again. Have a good week…someone’s getting older, too, huh? LOL


  2. NJDamschroder
    Apr 21, 2012 @ 16:16:30

    I wasn’t sure about WYN but just added it to my queue.

    Henry Ian Cusik is on Scandal? Crap. I read that the writing and acting were very good but haven’t been that interested in a show about helping powerful idiots who did stupid and/or bad things. But I love him! And I like the actress who plays Olivia Pope. Maybe I’ll try an episode.

    J says I need to watch Justified. I stopped halfway through the season because I was bored and there wasn’t enough Raylan.

    Harper’s Island is the show you’re talking about! I think they should do more shows like that, with a defined one-season or two-season arc. There’s nothing wrong with that! And it would probalby be more successful if you know it going in, you know?


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