The Ones That Will Stay Under the Bed

Okay, not literally, because I have a four-poster bed and it’s high and you can see under the bed, so I don’t keep anything under there. But I’ve been thinking about stories I invested so much time in back in the day, that are not salvageable.

For example, my zoo vet story. Not sure where the idea came from, maybe something I was watching with the boy when he was little, about rhinos and how they’re endangered and how there are reproductive zoologists who help rhinos breed, and there’s a sanctuary up north of here where people can go see the animals, and where vets work on breeding. Anyway. I worked on that story for a very long time. Three years, or so. It’s a huge mess. There was a wicked fiancee and the heroine’s history with the hero’s boss and…huge mess.

There’s the skateboarder single dad story, where he hires a nanny for his five kids or something crazy so he can go compete in skateboarding competitions. I will say my skateboarding descriptions were pretty accurate–we were going to a lot of skateboard parks at the time.

The single dad who falls in love with his boss’s spoiled daughter. He was Jewish, she was a WASP, his wife had died…probably used every cliche in the book. It did final in a contest, though, for dialogue.

The older couple who gets married and their children fall in love. It was a novella, the hero was Air Force or something and against the marriage….I don’t even think I have a copy of that anymore. It was in longhand, I know that much.

Books I would like to revisit?

The very first one I wrote, set in Texas near my folks’ place. The heroine moves there to care for her grandmother, whose house has fallen into disrepair, and she falls for the carpenter. There were 6 main characters, and 2 didn’t have a happy ending, but I loved that book.

The hostage negotiator and the mediator, a romantic suspense about a woman who’s stuck in a hostage situation and helps the others stuck with her as the hero works on it from the outside. She’s interviewed afterwards, though she tries to avoid it because she’s been stalked in the past. Sure enough, her stalker sees her and she needs help from the police, so she goes to the only man she trusts, the negotiator.

The young single mom story that takes place in the neighborhood where I teach.

What books are hiding under your bed?


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