I’ve seen a lot of new release DVDs lately, since everything I was interested in seems to be coming out now. Some have been great, some not so much.

Let’s start with Young Adult, the movie with Charlize Theron who returns to her hometown after getting a message from her former boyfriend that he was a new daddy. She was there to win him back. She’s made nothing but bad choices in her life and she was a terrible person. The commercials showed it as a comedy but I found it very depressing, especially her relationship with the other guy she went to school with. The only reason I kept watching was because she was a writer. It was a one-star movie for me.

Then Dream House, the movie where Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz married in real life. It was not at all what I expected. I won’t say more than that in case you want to see it, but I did not enjoy it.

I rented Footloose and watched it the last day of  Spring Break. Loved the music, but the hero was too much of a yankee for me, and the heroine was too slutty. I mean, come on, preacher daddy, don’t let her wear those clothes, you’re so worried about her.   I didn’t care for the dancing much, either. So, meh.

I had The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo sitting on the counter for a week before I put it in. It was long and dark, but OMG so good. So tense, action from the beginning, a lot of characters and action. Five stars, absolutely.

I made Fred take me to see The Hunger Games Friday night. We went to a dinner/movie place close by, and I could hardly eat, I was so excited. Then I was on the edge of my seat, though I’d read the books and knew just what was going to happen. They did a fabulous job of staying close to the book. Now, Fred, who hadn’t read the book, was less impressed. But definitely five stars.

What movies have you seen lately? Loved or hated or indifferent?


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