Why I Love E-books

It’s Read an E-Book week. I’ve been published now for four years, digital first, and I’ve been reading e-books for 3, first on my iPhone, then on my Nook (which I’m debating upgrading, though it’s not 2 years old). I love love love reading e-books.

I love changing the font so I can read it. Heck, it’s so big, the neighbors can likely read it 😉

I love (and also hate) the instant gratification. Something is mentioned on a blog or in a tweet and it sounds good and off I click. Usually I add a sample or put it on my wish list but lots of times I’ll buy it.

I love the cheap/free books offered. I shouldn’t tell you that I have hundreds (yes, hundreds) on my Nook. And several on my phone that have only been offered through Amazon.

I appreciate the lack of urgency in getting a book. I can put a book on my wish list and it will still be there in a couple of months when I’m ready for it. They don’t go out of print!

What do you love about e-books? What are you reading this week?

Did you hear my Alex is in a substance abuse program for painkillers? :::shakes head:::: So sad. And Gerard Butler just got out of one!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Phinney
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 07:21:30

    MJ, I so appreciate your comments and thoughts on ebooks. It’s like when we first got a microwave, and wondered, what did we do without one?
    For me, though, I love the freedom. It allows me to read books that major publishing companies didn’t feel would make them enough money. There are simply so many good books out there and I am thrilled to read them.
    Right now, I am reading Teresa Wilde’s Sheikh series. I am enjoying them very much.
    And yes, that instant gratification is dangerous. We can honestly buy too many books! But of course, I haven’t reached that point yet.
    Hard Target


  2. Elisabeth Crisp
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 09:20:24

    My ten and twelve year olds both have Kindles. It saves me a fortune because they go through a lot of middle grade fiction. Several other parents have commented about the extravagance of buying a kid an e-reader. I always answer, “Your kid has a Nintendo DS. We read instead.” That shuts them up.

    Just finished Bluestone Homecoming. I loved it.


  3. Katherine Blocksdorf
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 08:25:05

    My husband offered to buy me an e-reader for Christmas and I didn’t like the idea. I started researching them more and then demanded he buy one for my birthday nine months later! I seriously love my Kobo Touch. I love being able to buy books of any genre. There are so many cool free books. I love too, that I can borrow library books on it. After six months the novelty still hasn’t worn off and I just can’t find enough time to read!


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