A TV Rant

I have a TV rant. The bonus to being sick and not being able to (or wanting to) do anything, is that you get to clean off your TIVO.

So I was able to watch Glee when it was on on Tuesday.

I hated it. HATED it. I felt manipulated after it, and the music wasn’t even good. In the first place, they tried to do too much in one episode. First, you have the bullied gay teen Dave attempting to take his own life. I saw it coming in the Valentine’s Day episode, when Kurt turned him down, but watching Dave dress and plan his own death was horrifying. I know Glee likes to tackle those issues, but all I could think about was Dave’s parents finding him. Also, I think they wrapped it up too quickly.

And I’m wondering what the heck is going on with this rushed marriage between Finn and Rachel. They still have months of school and their parents should just bloody well say no, you dummies.

Then there was the texting and driving message, where finally-got-it-together Quinn does something stupid, in a sequence that took too long and had my stomach in knots. Quinn, Kurt and Blain are the only ones I like on the show anymore, anyway. So what? Is this going to cause her to lose her position at Yale? Keep her on the show another year?

And THEN there was the music. Okay, every year it irks me that they never know their playlist until a week before competition. And then they picked THOSE songs? And the Warblers thought they could win with THOSE songs, and THAT singer? He has none of Blain’s charm. Pah. Then the other group was all happy about coming in last?

Grrr. Glee is REALLY going to have to win me back in April.

Then….Justified. I would be just as happy if it was the Raylan/Boyd show. I was a fan of Raylan and Winona, and I know Tim O was, too. See, in the books, Winona’s still married to Gary, at least in the older books. I haven’t read Raylan yet. But Elmore Leonard didn’t write a relationship for them. (For that matter, he didn’t write one for Boyd or Arlo, either, both of whom are dead in the books.) But whoever’s writing Winona’s storyline—I have a bone to pick.

She’s a flake. She leaves Raylan for Gary because she wants stability. But when Raylan comes back, she’s drawn to his strength and cheats on Gary with him. I have issues with infidelity, but she did cheat on Raylan with Gary, so….

Then she leaves Gary for Raylan, fully knowing he hasn’t changed. Then she flips out and steals that money, putting his behavior at risk. THEN she leaves him after saying she’s come to the realization he’ll never change for her. Yes, he did talk to her about going to Glencoe and being an instructor again, but every time he talks to her about what she wants to do after she sells the house, she says she doesn’t know. I guess she wants him to take charge, but sometimes you just gotta do it yourself. Running off like that was childish. How can she accuse him of not changing when she won’t, either?

And there’s the timeline thing. She’s not 2 months pregnant. He got shot the day they found out. So he recovered and all this other stuff in less than a month? And was tussling in a moving trailer?

I love the show, don’t get me wrong. But all the strong female characters are on the wrong side of the law, with the exception of Rachel, who is on so rare as to be forgotten!

OTOH, Big Bang Theory is getting better and better. Holy cow, almost killed me this week, making me laugh so hard!


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