Mending Fences–a Review

My friend Lucy Francis released her very first book last week, and I read it this weekend. This is like a Superromance in pace and length, with a bit of suspense blended in. Here’s the review I wrote for Amazon, BN and Goodreads.

A man who’s removed himself from society meets a woman with secrets of her own.

Curran Shaw is a CEO who made a spectacle of himself, dating starlets and being featured in tabloids, then he drops out of the public eye and moves to the mountains of Utah.

He encounters a mystery woman at a bar on Halloween. Both of them are masked, but she recognizes him. See, once upon a time she did a story on him. She doesn’t let on, and leaves him with a kiss he can’t get out of his head.

Months Victoria Linden is out riding when she encounters a bison tangled in a broken fence. She realizes the animal is tame and tries to help when Curran rides up. It’s his bison, his land, and when the bison, called Peg Leg, is freed, Curran realizes she’s the woman from the bar, the woman who kissed him.

She enters a cautious relationship with him but holds herself back. Not only is she hiding the fact that she was a reporter, knowing his reaction wouldn’t be good, she’s hiding some even more dangerous secrets.

I love the layers of this story–the way the secrets were revealed to the reader and the hero, and the way the secondary love story mirrors the main one. And I loved the gentle build of the romance. The characters grew together in a realistic yet romantic way.

All in all, a terrific debut!


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  1. Leslie P Garcia
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 12:27:28

    Well-written review that makes me want to read the book–I love stories that build and important secondary stories!



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