The Inspiration Behind Bluestone


A couple of summers ago, I went on my first plane ride by myself to visit my dad and stepmom in Minnesota. Fred and the boy couldn’t get off work, and I was on summer vacation. I flew up there, we drove the three hours north of Minneapolis to their lake home on Lake Wilkins. I was treated like a princess. We went out on the boat, and sat on the deck overlooking the lake, and paddled the paddle boat. On the way back to the city, we passed a big log-cabin looking building and my step-mom said, “That guy’s been trying to sell that place forever.” She went on to explain that the recession hurt the towns that depended so much on sports fishermen and such because people wouldn’t spend the money on the gas to drive up from the city. Lots of vacation homes remained unopened year after year because it was just too costly.

By the time we reached Minneapolis, I’d made pages of notes and realized it would have to b a series of books, about a town trying to draw people back or risk dying. I created my own town and populated it, worked out the order of the books (the bar owner who’s been trying to sell is the third and final book) and made lists of what they could try to do to bring people back to their home.

I had so much fun writing that I would lose myself in Bluestone and have to pull myself out of that fictional world! I do love writing the small towns!



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