Goals for the Week Before Valentine’s

Not sure what was wrong with me this week. I barely wrote, I barely read. I’m getting used to Scrivener and am having trouble with the different files. I used to write that way, a different file for each chapter, but now I do word count and it’s hard to remember from file to file. Still, I like the program, especially for series.


  1. School dance Wednesday. Yes, elementary school. It’s a BIG moneymaker. The fifth graders are asking each other and experiencing their first rejection, a little young, if you ask me. Not even sure what it means because I don’t think they dance together.
  2. Dinner with my husband’s best friend from high school.
  3. Update my website
  4. Send out a newsletter about Bluestone
  5. Review the Bluestone proof I should be getting from Create Space.
  6. Blog for…someone. Don’t remember. Need to check the calendar.
  7. Read a Rita book. 5 down, 3 to go.
  8. Oh, and write. You know. That little thing.
  9. Exercise/keep up house/cook–figuring out what to do since my son is on a vegetarian kick. One can only have so much spaghetti and chalupas, ya know.

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