My Wii Addiction

I bought myself a Wii when Best Buy had them on sale Thanksgiving. I’d fallen in love with them at PE. Coach bought one and the kids do Just Dance on Fridays. He projects it on the screen, all the kids do the moves, and the best ones are selected to man the controls. The kids love it.

Anyway, I didn’t use it much before Christmas. I bought Just Dance, the one with bowling, and winter sports. I need to sell the winter sports one because it is way harder than I thought. My friend Susan had a Christmas party and had Glee 3. It was so much fun. Then I got Glee for Wii (love saying that) for Christmas and suddenly the boy and I were battling for video game time. Then a friend gave me an Amazon gift card and I bought Glee 2 (NOT as good. The songs are shorter and there aren’t many. I think you have to unlock them, though.) And Susan and I traded games.

But now I have a schedule. I come home, get settled, do Just Dance for 30 minutes (I LOVE “Groove is in the Heart” and “Wannabe.” I have a hard time with “Heart of Glass.” “I Like to Move It” and “Cotton Eyed Joe” are the best workouts, though. Then I sing until it’s time to make dinner. I may sing some more while it’s cooking 🙂 I just bought Just Dance 2….

Do you have a Wii? Do you like video games? I never played them before, but I’m loving this!


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  1. Gayle Cochrane (@GayleCochrane)
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 10:29:16

    Our family loves the Wii. I like the Walk it out program, but it is most effective if you combine it it a tread mill. The whole family likes the Mii Sports resort, I’d like to try the Zumba program or one of the Dance programs. I like Wii because even the grandparents will play.


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