I Can’t Believe I’m Blogging About the Weather

The weather in Texas has been unseasonably warm. Like, a lot. I’m looking at the forecast and only two days in the next 15 will the high be below sixty. Five of those days, the lows will be in the 50s. Only one will have lows in the 30s.

We’ve had four freezes this year, and November and December were cooler than normal, but now it’s downright springlike. I have worn my boots ONCE in January, have not worn a sweater at all (and I have two new ones!) and the hose I bought are still in their packages. I’m going to paint my nails today and wear sandals and spring clothes this week.

If it sounds like I’m bragging, I’m not. We usually only get about 8 weeks of winter anyway–we don’t get very cool until November, and the trees start budding in February. So not much time to enjoy cooler weather before it gets hot as damn.

Now, last year we had an ice storm in February, so winter isn’t written off yet. But it’s been a disappointing one so far 😦


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