Still Deciding

So I haven’t picked which story to go with yet.

The story that interests me the most is the one I have NO idea how to resolve. Also, I don’t know who to cast as the hero, and that’s never been a problem for me before. I need someone youngish, a Ryan Gosling type, I’m thinking. But he’s not quite right. I like the guy from The Finder but he’s too old. None of my usual ones fit.

The new novella series will be fun, but I need to do more research on the location.

I have the novel pretty well plotted but I’m not in the mood for a novel.

The historicals aren’t plotted at ALL.

I have a RS that I planned to rewrite later in the summer, even have the first couple of scenes done. But again, novel.

I have another small town series, my very first book that I plan to revise heavily and split into two books, but again, novel.

AND I have another novella to revise…this one might actually draw me in. I need a hero, though, a Hispanic guy. I’d wanted to write something new, but mayyyybbbeee…..


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  1. Liz Flaherty
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 08:20:12

    Love that picture. Good luck with your decision. I haven’t decided whether that’s the worst or best position to be in for a writer, but we seem to end up there almost every time.


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