And His Name Shall Be…..

I spent the better part of yesterday looking for names for characters for my new stories. I’d forgotten how hard it is to pick the right name for the characters.

There are some names I love but could never use, because they’ve been so associated with other characters, like Roarke and Ranger and Sirius (but I might not be as drawn to those names if not for those characters, either).

There are other names I could never use because of bad associations. When you’re a teacher, that’s a definite danger. (And WHY didn’t I use the name Austin before this year??)

I’ve always wanted to use the name Sinjin, but that’s more of an English-set historical hero’s name. I don’t write those.

Then there are names I’ve loved but I’ve used: Seth, Gabe, Cam, Trace, Adrian, Mal, Alex, Noah, Ethan, Nat (dude, I cannot even remember all my heroes’s names).  Or they’ve been earmarked for other heroes, like Luke and Hondo.

And there are some that are really off-the-wall and I wonder about reader reaction. I mean, do you really want to read about a hero named Thoreau (though it would be fun coming up with a reason why his parents named him that.)

So as of now, no names chosen. I downloaded an app and it lets me “favorite” them as I scroll through. That’s where I’m at. And no, I haven’t chosen which story to work on.


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