The First Test of My New Positive Attitude.


Someone was testing my positive attitude this AM.
First, my Justified DVD with t-shirt was back-ordered. Grr. But when I checked store availability, my Best Buy had it in stock. Canceled the first order, scheduled in-store pick-up.
Next, I shredded my brand new pantihose. Had to COMPLETELY change because I had no other pantihose. BUT I had a new shirt from Cindi, and new shoes that didn’t match my other outfit. So I got to wear those.
Then I left my Diet Coke at home. Went to the machine at school to buy one. It didn’t take dollars, BUT I had the right about of change.
The only good thing I can say about the fifth grade boy that told me to get the ugly off my face is that he’s still alive and I still have a job.
I burned off a LOT of stress on the Wii 😉 And fodder for my blog!

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