Looking Forward in 2012

Things I’m looking forward to in 2012

1)      My 25th anniversary, and the trip we’re going on to celebrate. My anniversary is January 3rd, and we were going to go to the Grand Canyon to celebrate, but that would mean taking off three days right after Christmas break, and that would include rushing back on the 4th to be at work on the 5th. No fun. So we’re going in June, either to Mount Rushmore and Deadwood or Yellowstone, a part of the country neither of us has been to.

2)      A trip to see my dad in Minnesota. This time I’m taking my husband. Maybe my son, if he’s still home.

3)      EpicCon—it’s going to be here in San Antonio this year, and I’m up for romantic suspense with Don’t Look Back. Also, it’s during Spring Break!

4)      The possibility of holding Road Signs and Midnight Sun in my hands.

5)      This might sound weird, but rewriting my first book. I loved that book but it had a lot going on and not a lot of plot to hold it together. So knowing what I know now, I’m tackling it this summer. In fact, 2012 may be the year of small-town romance for me!

And I’m not usually a fan of January–it and August seem to be the longest months, but this month I have things to look forward to:

1) Justified finally on DVD

2) The Tivo filling up again–we haven’t watched the Tivo in over a week! Have been catching up on Raising Hope on Netflix, though.

3) One for the Money (though who wants to bet I won’t go see it in the theater?)

4) NO TESTING! January and May are the only months we won’t test the rest of the school year. That means out of the 10 month school year, we test FIVE.

5) Being done with Bluestone, I hope. At least the big revisions. Then I get to write something brand new!

What are you looking forward to?


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