Goals for the New Year


Usually I do a list of books I’m looking forward to in the coming year, but I’m so far behind in reading it’s not even funny! I haven’t even BOUGHT the new Nora or new Meljean. I want to read the new Shalvis series. I don’t even know what’s coming up! Heck, I don’t even have any books in 2012. Oh, wait, I think Trish has a bunch of books out this year, a trilogy from Harlequin American, a trilogy from Belle Books and a Nocturne.

So I’ll do my goals for the new year. I prefer goals to resolutions, anyway. Actionable.

Goals for 2012

1)      Write 3 books and 3 novellas. I only did two and two last year, but I also had terrible writer’s block, and a new sewing machine.

2)      Read 80 books. I read 80 in 2011, so I should be able to match it.

3)      Exercise 30 minutes a day during the week. I know that’s not a lot but it’s more than I’m doing. I have an exercise bike and the Wii, and when the weather is nice, I can go for a walk.

4)      Be better about saving money. I spent like crazy this year, happy to have it, but I have more STUFF than I know what to do with. I’ll never be able to be a full-time writer if I don’t pay off my house, and then there’s the boy’s college. I’d love to help him as long as I can so he’s not swamped in debt when he gets out of grad school.

5)      Have a better attitude. Things are good for me—no need to complain!


And since I finished revisions on Bluestone 2 this morning (YAY!) I’ll start Bluestone 3 revisions, and that means ALEX!


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