Merry Christmas, and Goals for the Week After


All the Whos are still a-snooze here. I’m watching A Christmas Story and wondering why my plotting brain ruined a perfectly good reunion story that I was planning to write. Dude. It was going to be so nice and simple. Now the conflict is ginormous.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely holiday. We did a big party at Mom’s last night, where we ate tons and opened presents, and will have a bigger party today at my brother’s. This morning, my guys and I will open presents and have a big lovely breakfast at home–something we only do twice a year.

I read four novellas this weekend, and started a fifth. Honestly, I need to close this computer more often to put a dent in that giant TBR!

Tomorrow, back to work–writing, anyway.

1)      Finish Bluestone 2 and send it to Trish to read.

2)      Put away Christmas. I’m ready to have the space back.

3)      More promo

4)      Take Baby Brother shopping for his Christmas present—we decided to go after to get more for my money J

5)      Go to Castroville for a morning

6)      Keep up house and MAYBE get to work in the yard—it’s supposed to warm up this week.

What are you up to this week?


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