Top Ten TV Shows in 2011


TV is awesome this year. It was really hard to pick my top ten. Some of my former favorites, like Glee, fell off the list. Some popped back on. And there are new ones. There are others I’m watching regularly, but I wouldn’t say they’re favorites. I mean, I love Hawaii 5-0 because of Alex O, and we watch American Horror Story, but neither are what I’d call favorites. I’m getting hooked on Grimm, too, and I like Andy as the new manager on The Office.

10) The Middle–we love this show about the struggling family. Axl, the son, reminds us so much of our son, who winds up in his boxers minutes after coming home.

9) Haven–From the setting to the love triangles to the trippy “troubles”–Haven hooked me from the beginning.

8) Grey’s Anatomy–despite Derek being a grade-A jackass this season, I’m loving it almost as much as I did when JDM was on. Lots of layered drama, and I’m DYING to know what’s going to happen next.

7) Modern Family–hilarious. I love Gloria. LOVE Gloria. And while I thought Cam or Mitchell should’ve gotten the Emmy, this year, Phil totally sold me. The episode where he’s making a YouTube video with his son by being hit in the head with a basketball had me rolling.

6) Terra Nova–the best thing about Mondays. Dinosaurs? Check. Drama? Check. Jason O’Mara–CHECK 😉 I do wish they’d have kept their focus on the relationship between the Shannon parents–they’d been separated for years and at first the show portrayed them as finding each other again. But, I’m also loving the relationship between the older daughter and her soldier boy.

5) Supernatural–this season is absolutely awesome, especially the first three episodes and the last two. Again, I cannot WAIT to see what’s going to happen!

4) Once Upon a Time–aside from finding Emma slightly annoying, I love everything about this show–except the ending from the last episode. I can’t imagine how it will be more than one season, but I’m along for the ride.

3) Revenge–As someone who grew up on nighttime soaps, I find this right up my alley. I added it to my season passes at the last minute because of the cool print ad in EW, and I look forward to it all day Wednesday.

2) The Walking Dead–gross, but so tense and good, and the ending from the last one–heartbreaking!

1) Justified–aside from Winona’s idiocy in those couple of episodes–Boyd, Good, Margo Martindale, GOOD, Jeremy Davies, GOOD, Timothy Olyphant–AWESOME. Also, I’m buying the new book when it comes out in February!

Still between stories–until Monday!


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