Goals for the Week Before Christmas


My husband had a gig Friday night, so last night he fell asleep on the couch before 8. He’s STILL ASLEEP! Dude. The dog woke me up 2 hours ago!

Okay, I’m trying something new with the blog this week. Someone on Facebook suggested a #52weeksofindie activity, which involves giving away an indie author book weekly. I’m all for this! I’m starting this week with Trish Milburn. I’ll have an interview with her Wednesday, and give away her book Living in Color on Friday (I just love that book so much!) So y’all come back and comment, okay?

I went to an ugly sweater party on Friday and we sang Glee Karaoke on the Wii. OMG, WANT!!! I’ve barely used my Wii this week because I was so busy, but now I have more time.

This week….VACATION!

1)      Finish Bluestone 1 revisions and send them back to my editor.

2)      Fredericksburg trip

3)      Lunch with JoAnn

4)      BIG grocery trip—I’ve got my list categorized by the item’s location in the store so I don’t forget anything.

5)      Baking! I made molasses cookies yesterday. Today is gingerbread, I think.

6)      Work on one promo item a day, including looking into making my wordpress my primary website.

7)      Mayyyyybe try to work out Create Space so I can get Midnight Sun out in print.

8)      Clean/cook.


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