Goals the Week Before Christmas Break

I like consistency. Last week, no two days were the same. Monday, I taught. Tuesday, I tested two students and had lunch duty for an hour and a half. Wednesday, I was a hall monitor while 4th grade tested, then had lunch duty for an hour. Thursday, I was pulled to sub for 3rd grade when the teacher’s daughter got sick. Friday was spent going up and down the stairs (on my bad foot) monitoring kids who were waiting for their picture with Santa. Now tell me why they didn’t call one or two classes at a time? Seriously, there would be five classes in the hall at one time. Ridiculous.

This week should have at least 2 normal days. Very frustrating for my first year as music teacher. I had a lot of Christmas activities planned!


1)      Faculty meeting (postponed from last week)

2)      Christmas breakfast

3)      Bluestone 1 revisions. I haven’t made much progress, sadly. Okay, I’ve written more and rearranged some scenes, but I’m not far into the story.

4)      Clean house/cook.

5)      Find one more present for Cindi for her birthday.


So, boring week, which is FINE with me!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly Boyce
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 09:07:11

    Good luck with the goals. I wrote mine down and then lost my list. Maybe that’s why I’m not getting anything done on time lately!!


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