If you got a little something extra this year…

It’s snowing on my blog. All I can think is that Ethan and McKenna must be pretty chilly over there on the cover of Guarded Hearts!

Our newspaper is running a promotion where they give away $1000 a week (or a day, I don’t know, not really paying attention). The commercial says, “What would you do with the money? Buy a new TV, fill your closet with shoes?”

I actually got an unexpected royalty check this month (in that it was more than I expected.) It went to Paypal, which is in my husband’s name, and he texted me with the amount. I goggled. And my first thought was….”iPad!” Now, I don’t need an iPad. I have my netbook and my phone and my Nook. But the idea of unexpected money made me want to do the crazy.

Then I thought, “I really need a professionally done website.” I could have it done and still have money leftover.

Then I started thinking about projects around the house that need to be done (it wasn’t enough for any of those, btw).

But then I decided to keep the part I expected to get and put the rest in savings, for now anyway. I did stop by Coldwater Creek, whose clothes I always love, to buy myself something nice, but I couldn’t part with that much money for one little shirt, you know?

So I stayed practical. But what would you do?


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