Things That Make Me Happy–December Version

I don’t have to test today. No, I get to sit in the hallway for four hours ready to relieve a teacher if she or he needs to go to the restroom. I cannot have a book or a notebook or anything because I might not see the teacher waving me down. Four hours with NOTHING to do. Isn’t that the third level of hell?

Yesterday, my classroom was about 50 degrees. No one had turned on the heat! We froze until about noon, then of course left the room. When I returned after lunch (and an hour and a half of lunch duty) it was sweltering. So maybe it will be better in the hall….

From all over the place:

1) Jason Aldean music. I have three of his albums now. Wide Open is my favorite. I listened to that a lot writing Bluestone 2. But I’m learning to expand my horizons.

2) texting. I text Mom and my stepmom and my husband and my son and occasionally Trish and some of the other teachers. I wish Cindi would text. I don’t think she even knows how to read them!

3) Terra Nova. I know it has weaknesses, but it has dinosaurs, romance, family drama, dinosaurs, Jason O’Mara, dinosaurs… A reason to love Mondays!

4) My knit pants from Target. Perfect to sleep in on a cold night!

5) Tylenol PM. I don’t have trouble falling asleep, but usually (like last night,when the dog had to go out at 1:30) I can’t go back to sleep. When I take my Tylenol PM early enough, no problem.

6) Etsy. Do you know how much cool stuff is on that site? I bought a ton of presents from there last weekend and most are already delivered.

7) UPS/USPS. I love that they bring me things I ordered off the internet for a reasonable fee (or if ordered from Best Buy or Amazon, FREE!)

8) My Wii and Just Dance. So much fun!

9) McD’s frozen strawberry lemonade. Yum.

10) My Nine West boots. Cozy and comfy!

What things do you love today?

Since I’m back on Bluestone 1, I’m back with Henry Cavill.


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