Goals for the Week Guarded Hearts is Released!!

Yesterday, Mom, Baby Brother, BB’s friend and friend’s mom went to a tamale festival in town. They had all kinds of tamales (a big tradition in San Antonio), including dessert tamales. We gorged ourselves, and walked around the craft fair and watched a dance demonstration and a cooking demonstration. My feet still hurt! I came home and played with my new Wii for a bit. I bought bowling, Winter Games and Just Dance. I wouldn’t try Just Dance with the husband and boy in the house, though. Tomorrow, after school, though…

Today it’s cold and rainy, so after breakfast and a quick trip to the grocery store, it’s movies and napping and revising!

1)      Blog at Just Romantic Suspense and Nine Naughty Novelists

2)      Do my first Coffee Time Romance chat. So nervous!

3)      Update website and newsletter as soon as Guarded Hearts is listed on Amazon. I’m getting a little anxious because it’s still not there.

4)      Work on revisions on Bluestone 1. No, I haven’t finished the revisions on Bluestone 2. But I also don’t have anything else coming out until I get this done, so…

5)      Testing 3 days at school.  Yes, again. Of the 70 school days on my 4 month calendar, only 58 are instructional. That’s a LOT of testing. We just tested 4 days before Thanksgiving break. That means the kids had 7 instructional days, then another round of tests. One kid said, “That’s why I hate school.” Well, yeah.

6)      School Christmas party. I’m not as excited this year because it’s at a restaurant and we won’t have as much space to be dancing, etc. But it’s close to home 😉

7)      Christmas shopping.

8)      Keep up house/ cook.  Fred was off last week so I didn’t cook at all. Looking at this week’s schedule–between faculty meetings, release day, the Christmas party and Fred’s band practices, I may not be cooking this week either.

I’m going to have to find a good way to balance my time this week, because I also promised BB I’d take him shopping for his Christmas present this week. He needs new clothes and I have a coupon for his favorite store. We’ll go one night when Fred has band practice and get dinner, too.


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