Black Friday Deals

One of my favorite things to do on thanksgiving is to check out the Black Friday ads. Now, it’s been many years since I was motivated enough to go shopping for those deals (Black Friday seems to be the ONE day when I sleep in!) but it’s always fun to look. I was talking to my brother’s SO and saying it’s not that I WANT the stuff, it’s that I didn’t know I wanted the stuff.

Fortunately, there is online shopping. Best Buy had a Wii yesterday for $99. I bought it (I’ve been wanting one ever since we started playing it in PE on Fridays) and three games (buy two, get one free). Then I looked at the Penney’s ad. Free shipping for over $25, hm? I bought the boy two shirts and the husband 2 sweaters for just over $50.

Bealls had some cute Christmas shirts. I got one for $15 with shipping, but it’s originally $35!

This morning I got the boy The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray (he has a PS3 and a thing for Batman.) I also had been wanting to get him Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s book. Now, I wanted free shipping, and you can get that if you spend $25. So I bought a copy of Something to Talk About! Hey, I plan to enter some contests and need copies.

I’ll be checking those Amazon Black Friday deals all day as I decorate for Christmas.

My publishers also have GOOD Black Friday deals. Lyrical has their entire catalog half-price. Guarded Hearts is listed for pre-0rder, but I’m not sure if it’s included.

The Wild Rose Press is having 30% off its entire catalog, and I have a bunch of books over there.

Oh, and you could check out my Etsy shop! Trish says I should be promoting this more šŸ˜‰

What deals did you find this year?

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