Thanksgiving Blessings

I wish every one of you a wonderful, peaceful (or family-crazy, whichever you prefer) holiday!

On Facebook, some of my friends have been posting one thing a day that they’re thankful for. I think that’s really nice, but I couldn’t remember to keep up. So here are my things. Let’s see if I can get 24.

1) That my family has stuck together. It’s been a rough year for my parents, but with the help of my wonderful husband, all of us have hung in, and become even closer, I think.

2) That I have a good job, at a good school. It was disappointing that we didn’t make Recognized status last year (by TWO KIDS), and the atmosphere has changed a bit, but it’s a good place to work, with good people.

3) That my son is in town for another 8 months. He applied for editor of his college paper, so he’ll stay here another semester before heading out into the world.

4) That my husband has friends. I complain sometimes about him being in two bands, but I think having those guys to hang around with helped him get through his mom’s passing.

5) That I’ve had a Really Good Year. Five sales, six books released, three books and two novellas written. A really good year.

6) For my bffs who are always there to listen.

7) That my parents–35 years after their divorce–can spend time together in peace. You don’t know how trippy it is to see your mom and dad hug, when there was so much hostility for so long.

8) My new roof and the new paint job on my house. It almost feels like a brand new place.

9) That my muse has returned. She took a break this fall, but I tracked her down this week and we’re rolling now 😉

10) For the generosity of people who review my books, spread the word, and share information about the industry.

11) That my mom is cooking Thanksgiving dinner and all I have to worry about are the green beans, cranberry sauce (homemade!) and a dessert.

12) For free shipping. I was able to buy four presents this AM, and a Wii, and paid no shipping! After UPS wanted to charge me $70–I’ll take free shipping where I can get it.

13) For people who have to work today. I think that totally SUCKS. We do our best not to patronize places that make people work on Thanksgiving. I understand some restaurants, but the places that are open for holiday shopping, and the grocery stores–nope. People can plan ahead or wait or do without. Sorry if that sounds preachy, but I worked retail and dh worked restaurants when we were first married and it sucked to work on holidays.

14) For my editors and publishers who work so hard with me!

15) For authors. Do you know how many books I own? It’s approaching 1000, y’all. Maybe 900.

16) For excellent TV. Also for hiatus so I can catch up on excellent TV. And TiVo so I can record excellent TV.

17) For Netflix. I know people have been complaining about them, but seriously, for $16  a month, I can watch a movie any time I want, and have new releases delivered to my door. Worth it!

18) For living in Texas. We’ve had a hell of a year with the drought and the fires but I don’t have to worry about shoveling snow or wearing a coat every time I go outside. Heck, I’m probably going to wear sandals today.

19) My new sewing machine. Maybe I shouldn’t be so thankful for it, because I did get a little crazy, but boy, did I have fun! Still need to make my skirt for the Christmas party. It will be epic.

20) That in three weeks, I’ll get another vacation!

21) Good health, and good insurance! My two dentist visits cost less than $50! And I saved over $600 on my new glasses.

22) That the Veteran’s Day program is over. I stressed about that since the beginning of the school year

23) For Twitter. I love Twitter like damn. That is all.

24) Ideas! I have so many!

Wow, 24 was pretty easy. What are you thankful for?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Marianne Arkins
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 06:27:52

    Great list … but I’m not even through my first cup of coffee. Can’t think that hard.

    I AM thankful for good coffee (and sometimes I’m even thankful for bad coffee).

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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