My son called yesterday my Groundhog Day. Last Monday my dad and stepmom were here, and I took them to Guenther House for breakfast. Then we went to HEB, brought my dad home, then my stepmom and I went to Homestead Handcrafts.

Yesterday my mom and I went to Guenther House for breakfast (her favorite restaurant), then we went shopping a few places, then Homestead Handcrafts. I hadn’t been to either place in months, so it was a little weird.

I very rarely go shopping. I mean, I go to JoAnn’s, and sometimes I’ll stop someplace on the way home, just to run in and pick something up, but I don’t browse. I don’t usually take the time. So I was super-excited about going shopping yesterday.

After breakfast, our first stop was Hobby Lobby. All their Christmas decorations were on sale 50% off. I went a little crazy at first, but did put some stuff back. I got a couple of ornaments and a beautiful carved reindeer, all for $14.

Then we went to Pier One. Again, I was going crazy and talked myself down, and just bought a sorely-needed sugar bowl.

Then Bath and Body. I had 2 coupons and was able to use both. I got 6 small candles and a shower gel for $20.

THEN Homestead Handcrafts. My stepmom had seen a McCoy’s bean pot and then left it there, so I went to get it. It was one of the first booths, so my arms were TIRED by the time we checked out. I also got 2 more ornaments, two small Christmas decorations and a can for my pens at school. The bean pot was over half of my bill. I spent $45.

Today…I have to run to Best Buy to see if the e-reader covers in my Etsy store fit the Kindle Fire, then I’m going BACK to Bath and Body (another coupon–spend $10, get something free), then to UPS to mail the bean pot (that’s going to be pricey, I tell you what,) then I’ll get some lunch and come home and sew.

I love vacation!


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