My Favorite Inventions (in no particular order)

My step-mom is in love with my iPhone. Dad has one, the same as my son, but my husband and I have the new generation. I can talk-text, talk email (not as easy), talk Tweet. It’s faster than my laptop. Oh, yeah, and I can make calls. If I want. Which I rarely do.

So I started thinking about other inventions I can’t live without.

1) Pay-at-the-pump. When my son was little, I had to unbuckle him from his car seat, carry him into the store, balance him on the counter while I wrote a check…a huge PITA. Now, zip-zip, I’m done.

2) TIVO. I remember being in middle school and a movie I wanted to see came on in the middle of the night. I set up a TAPE RECORDER in front of the TV, woke myself up after an hour to TURN THE TAPE OVER…OMG. Then came the VCR which was huge but still limited. Now with TiVo, I can record two things at once!

3) iTunes. I don’t buy new music often, but when I do, boom, it’s right there. Then I can maneuver the songs into any order I want and slap them on my phone, then plug it into my car.

4) The Internet! This morning, I’ve emailed my bff, ordered stuff from the library, bought stuff from Bath and Body Works, checked movie times, checke my sales ranks and watched a storm march toward us on radar. All while munching on breakfast!

5) Dishwashers. I’ve had company for 3 days and forgot to buy paper plates. I’m not going to take that for granted!

6) My Nook and iPhone. All the books and music I need, instantly, in the palm of my hand.

7) Getting to wear jeans on testing days–which will be all week. I usually like to dress up but this week….no, thanks.

What are your favorite inventions?


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