Goals the Week of the CRAZY

I’m going to need a nice Tim O marathon to counter the stress this week.


1)      Veteran’s Day program and practice. It’s the whole district, and open to the public on Friday. This has been stressing me out since I took the music teacher gig. Apparently the schools are very competitive to outshine the other schools. My girls are playing “America the Beautiful” and the Marine Hymn on the bells. I’ll have to stand up there with them and point out the notes to keep them on track, but they do sound good. But I am majorly nervous about this. I’m taking a half day as soon as I get the girls back to school.

2)      Finish scarves for girls to wear. Just need the finishing seam on 12 scarves, so it won’t take long.

3)      Breakfast duty

4)      Academic Night, 6-8 the night before the Veteran’s Day program.

5)      Dinner with Baby Brother

6)      Dad and Sue coming to visit. Not as stressed about this, but working hard to get the house clean. Lots has to wait until the last minute, like sweeping, vacuuming the couches, a final wipe on the bathrooms and kitchen…Today I’m working on the front yard and looking into getting new plants. Yesterday, Mom and I cleaned up the back yard and my step-dad and son put in a new door.


8)      Buy plants

9)      Big grocery store trip

10)   Um, write?

See what I mean?


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