November Releases (Why Don’t I Have More Time To Read?)

November is hell on my book budget.

My friend Norah Wilson released the second book in her vampire series, Nightfall, this weekend.

Yesterday Natalie’s latest, Behind the Scenes, was released from Carina Press. I had it preordered, and am hurrying to finish the Intrigue I’m reading so I can dive in.

Jessica Scott’s debut with Random House, Because of You,  is out this month. Also preordered. I love me some soldier romance. And I follow her on Twitter, so I’m excited.

Julie Rowe, who finalled in the Golden Heart with me in 2004, has a book out from Carina also. Icebound is set in Antarctica, so you know I’m all over that. I actually almost used that same couple for Midnight Sun’s cover!

The week after that, Toni Anderson’s latest from Carina Press, Edge of Survival, is out.
















Theresa Meyers’s The Hunter was inspired by Supernatural, so you know I gotta read that. Also, it’s steampunk!










Then there’s the new Nora series starting with The Next Always. It’s not getting the best reviews, but it’s Nora, so….I do hate that it’s $10 for an e-book, but I’ll probably pay it.










Meljean Brook’s new Iron Seas book, Heart of Steel, is out, too, also $10, but The Iron Duke was one of my very favorite books this year, so I’ll pay it.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Toni Anderson
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 09:09:18

    So many good books in November–thanks for mentioning mine. 🙂


  2. Norah Wilson (@norah_wilson)
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 09:50:20

    Oh, boy, MJ! You just added a bundle to my to-buy list. I want them all!!!
    And thank you so much for mentioning mine among them. That’s some amazing company!


  3. MDV Bookreviewer (@mdvbookreviewer)
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 10:49:31

    Aw! I was waiting for the picture of TO at the end of the post 😉
    Nevertheless great books, I have a couple of them in my list already.
    And ooh! Love the cover of Because of You!!


  4. Doris Jennings
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 10:34:35

    There are just not enough hours in the day to read everything! OY! thanks for adding to my every growing list 🙂


  5. Doris Jennings
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 20:10:38

    Why do I get the feeling you really are not that sorry LOL 🙂


  6. Marianne Arkins
    Nov 07, 2011 @ 05:45:46

    Oooh…. yeah, thinking I”m adding “Icebound” to my TBR. Already have “Behind the Scenes” and started it. Loved “Fight or Flight” so was all over this next book.

    Love the sound of “Edge of Survival” so have that penciled in now.

    I bought “The Next Always” and have read it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Not a lot of conflict for the couple, but still had some serious heart-tugging moments. And the kids were adorable. I don’t begrudge my $10. *G*

    Thanks for adding to my already crazy-long list! LOL…


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