Goals for the Week of Halloween, STTA in Print and NaNo

I still haven’t decided about NaNo. Crazy, right? First grade is going on a field trip on November 1, which means I have a free period and may be a sign I should do it. Also, my husband will be busy all week, which means more time to work. Maybe that’s my reticence–WORK. NaNo has always been fun for me.

I spent almost all day yesterday sewing, cleaned for a bit, did promo, but barely wrote.

So this week:

1)      Finish Bluestone 2 revisions. I know, I know, I keep saying that.

2)      Start something new for NaNo?

3)      SARA on Saturday. Jodi Thomas is speaking.

4)      Promo—though I am tired of it. I declare January promo-free.

5)      Sew. I finally figured out the e-reader case. I have 5 cut out. Also, I have a purse cut out, too. AND I have to make my girls scarves for the Veteran’s Day program. Got the fabric, though.

6)      House house house—I never called a maid service and my dad and stepmom are coming the weekend after Veteran’s Day. The house is in pretty good shape because the hubby cleaned it when he was on vacation last week. I just need to maintain. And keep my crafting supplies under control.

7)      Start exercising again. My evening snacking is a bit out of control, and when I wasn’t in music I wasn’t as active.


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