I absolutely cannot find focus this year. I will have had 10 releases in 2011 and currently I have ONE scheduled for 2012. I’ve written 2 books and a novella in 2011, and would like another book and a novella but that doesn’t look likely.

See, I’m stuck in revisions. Bluestone 2 is going SOOOO SLOWLY. It doesn’t help that I’ve had a lot of interruptions, like edits for other books and promotion. And it doesn’t help that I’ve let myself get into some bad habits. AND it doesn’t help that I’m in a new position at school and learning the ropes. Or that I was pulled from the position for 2 weeks, and now will be going back. That keeps a person off-balance.

But mostly I blame my bad habits and my sudden inability to finish a book. I started two in the spring. Couldn’t finish. I pushed myself to write Bluestone 2 because I really love this series, but a GOOD writing day on this book is 100 words. Y’all. I’m not used to 100 word days.

Then there’s the new sewing machine and my weekly (or more) visits to JoAnn’s. The pile of fabric and yarn calls to me. And y’all. There are craft supplies EVERYWHERE in this house.

I have two half-formed short story ideas and another novel idea but I have two OTHER novels (including BS2) to revise first. And I just can’t make myself. What is wrong with me?



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  1. Gayle Cochrane
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 10:02:19

    Maybe you need a deadline, and someone to turn you book into. I read a great blog fro Kate Noble regarding setting a deadline even when you don’t have one. . I need to do this too. I set writing goals but invariably get distracted. I am easily distracted. 🙂 Just a thought. Congratulations on the new book release.


  2. Mary Curry
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 18:19:38

    Maybe you really want to spend time crafting and selling on etsy. I hear more enthusiasm in what you write about your crafting than your writing. Could it be you’re burned out on writing with the pace you’ve been keeping?


  3. MJ
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 07:23:56

    I’ve tried the deadline thing. I was supposed to be done with the revisions Oct. 1, and now Nov. 1 but I haven’t worked on it since Monday. The whole ending needs to be rewritten and it is just daunting.

    Mary, I’m terrified that could be true. But I’m also terrified of losing the momentum I’ve built. Maybe if I work through my fabric stash I won’t feel pulled in two directions.


  4. Coleen Kwan
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 00:14:54

    MJ, I’m just full of admiration that you get so much writing accomplished while holding down a day job and having an absorbing sewing hobby. So much creativity! I’m envious.


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