Goals for the Week I Go Back in the Classroom

I didn’t write at all this week. At. All. Feels weird. I didn’t sew much, either, but I made 3 scarves. One is way too short and when I went to get more yarn, well, they didn’t have any in that color, or in a complimentary color.

I tried to make a casserole carrier, but it is way too thick and even with the walking foot, I couldn’t manage it. Not sure what to do next there.

This week I’m going back into the classroom for nine days. One of the fourth grade teachers is going to Turkey for 9 days, and we decided it’s better for music to have a sub for 9 days. So I’ll be working on centers and grading and such. I bet it will make me appreciate teaching music even more!

1)      Work on Bluestone 2. I’d love to be done with it before NaNo, though I’m not convinced I’ll do NaNo this year.

2)      Work on more guest blog posts.  I think I need six or so. I have the number written down somewhere.

3)      Give a presentation during inservice—in addition to being music teacher, I’m the technology something-or-other, which means I go to meetings about technology and present them to the teachers.

4)      Go to dentist—it’s going to be a real Monday, no lie.

5)      Sew, and possibly open an Etsy shop.

6)      Hang with family—doing a party today and a trip to farmer’s market on Saturday

7)      Cook, keep house, exercise. Been bad bad bad about all those things.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. dawn
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 09:42:11

    mary, have a super day.
    rooting for you and your etsy shop.



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