TV Report Card

I’m mostly caught up on the Tivo. I think I have a Ringer, and Persons of Interest. My husband doesn’t care for Ringer, and I think he and the boy will enjoy Persons of Interest, so I’m holding onto those.

So far, here’s my diagnosis.

The Great:

Revenge. I watched both Tivoed episodes on Saturday night and DANG. LOVED it. LOVED it. It’s gorgeous, complex, intriguing…really awesome for a show I added because I liked the print ad.

Supernatural. It’s tense and fast-paced and builds on last year’s mythology. One of the best seasons yet.

Modern Family. Laugh Out Loud funny, absolutely.

Terra Nova: Based on one episode, this will be my favorite thing about Monday. Danger, dinosaurs, time travel, Jason O’Mara….

The Good:

How I Met Your Mother. I like how the new question is, “Who is Barney marrying?” Don’t know how long they can keep that up, though.

Castle. The superhero episode was awesome!

Ringer: Sarah Michelle as two women screwing up each other’s lives–awesome. As an aside, did anyone see her cameo on AMC? PRICELESS!

The Middle: Sue’s in HS and driving Axl nuts. Too great. And Trouty Mouth is Brick’s teacher!

Grey’s Anatomy: REALLY good season opener, but I want to kick Derek where it hurts. He’s being such a BABY. Yes, Meredith made a bad choice, but for a good reason.

Big Bang Theory: Last week’s episode with Bernadette and Howard’s mom was a scream. And Sheldon’s JEALOUS!


Hawaii Five-0. Honestly not sure I’d still be watching if not for Alex O.

Glee. A second Glee club? And if Sue is against the arts, what about the orchestras and bands that show up every time the Glee kids need a number? And really, what did Kurt think would happen if his bf came to his school? Of course they’ll be in competition. Yeesh.

Suburgatory: I Tivoed this because I love the title. It’s clever enough, but misses the mark sometimes.

Charlie’s Angels: The second episode was better than the first, more reminiscent of the old series. I admit to not paying terribly close attention.

Pan Am: Very pretty and shiny. Not terribly compelling.

So what do you like this season? What don’t you like? Agree with me or not?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trish Milburn
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 09:31:14

    Totally agree with you about Terra Nova. Tanya and I were talking about how much we loved it over the weekend.


  2. MaryC
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 17:16:10

    I’m such a bad TV friend. The only show I’ve watched is Castle. Too much writing to catch up on at night.


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