Day Three of Season Premiere Week

So I went to the dentist yesterday and when I got home, I caught up on All My Children. Sadly, I should have watched the Jane Eyre DVD I’ve had almost a week, because when my son came home, I couldn’t hear anything. I’ll give it another shot tonight.

I sobbed like crazy during the AMC episode that aired Monday, with the Hubbards. At least they got their HEA. I watched that soap back when Angie and Jesse were teens, so it was meaningful to me.

I enjoyed Glee last night, but came to the realization I’d like it better without Rachel. She grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard (which the hygienist and I decided will be an obsolete term soon). I watched New Girl, which I didn’t mind, but wonder how Damon Wayans Jr. will do that AND Happy Endings. And I watched Raising Hope for the first time, then added the first season to my Netflix queue. Can’t believe I heard so much about it and never watched!

Tonight is just The Middle and Modern Family. Maybe we’ll get to watch Alphas and Hawaii 5-0 too. Or Ringer. Those shows I have to wait for the dh to watch with me.

No smoothies last night–we got Panda Express–so hopefully tonight!

Did I mention my son has started getting up at 5 AM to exercise? Yesterday it was more of a distraction than today, but…..this is MY time!


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