Lost: One Mind

Sooo, I’ve not been around much. I got a new sewing machine the week school started and I’ve been sewing like a crazy lady. I have been to JoAnn Fabric about two millon times. I love all the seasonal fabric but never know what to do with it. My brother, mother and I are thinking about opening an Etsy shop. To that end, I’ve bought some patterns of some things like laptop sleeves, ebook covers and some other cool stuff.

So in my stack-o-projects:

fabric for 3 skirts

fabric for 2 dresses

fabric (okay, these are scraps, but I had to buy lining and stuff) for 3 ereader covers

fabric for three laptop sleeves (one is new, but was half price and two are scraps)

fabric for three fabric totes (I had the fabric for all but didn’t know what to do with it)

fabric for a fabric wine holder

fleece for a blanket for my dad

And a dozen skeins of yarn

So I’m reading slower, and working on revisions (with deadlines)  instead of writing something new. And I haven’t actually broken out the yarn yet.

Why am I doing this? I wish I knew. I think I’ve lost my mind. Because why did I wait until school started???

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