Goals for the First Week with the Kids

I won’t teach Monday—I’ll be in PE with the coach. Music and PE are the same time for the kids. I take one class and he takes the rest, and he wants to give all the kids orientation at once. Which means I’ll be in the hot gym all day. It’s going to be 102!


Our new couches came and the cats do not understand why they’re not allowed on them. I know eventually we’ll cave and let them on, but for now…

I can’t arrange them the way I want, so we had to rearrange everything and now I need a new DVD case because mine broke to bits. And DANG we have a lot of DVDs and CDs.

This week:

1)      Get used to teaching music again!

2)      Finish final line edits for my December book

3)      Finish revisions on my novella

4)      Decide what to do with my Bluestone books. Submit or self-pub?

5)      Keep up house/cook/exercise. It’s REALLY hot in the room with the exercise bike when I come home. I’ve been dragging it into the living room to use, but with the new arrangement that won’t be possible.

6)      Get ready for dinner with my very first CP. She and her daughter have moved back to San Antonio, so they’re coming for dinner on Saturday.

7)      Learn how to use my new sewing machine. Make something simple to start 🙂


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