Goals for the Week A Ghostly Charm Releases

So it’s my last week of summer vacation. I love being home, but I have lots of fun new clothes to wear to go back, and it will be interesting teaching music again. We got our welcome back letter last week and have a few staffing changes. It looks like we’ll have a second reading specialist, which is awesome. Reading was our weak point last year, and the current reading specialist only had time to work with 2 grade levels. Two reading specialists means more kids served. I’m surprised, because of budget cuts, but glad.

I got 12,000 words on a new story last week. It was meant to be a novella, but may go close to 40K, which is still novella length, but longer than I expected. Also made 2 skirts, 2 pair of earrings (would post pictures but they all come out blurry) and a purse.  AND I painted the living room and a wall in the kitchen.

This week:

1)      Another 14K on the novella

2)      Deconstruct that danged second book with an eye to revisions.

3)      Speak to SARA on Saturday—probably should prepare for that, huh? Why oh why did I say yes??

4)      Make 2 new skirts. I still have fabric for another 2 skirts and a dress.

5)      Make a necklace organizer with a corkboard, fabric and pushpins.

6)      Day with Mom and stepdad.

7)      Pack up all the stuff I need to take to school.

8)      Keep up house/cook/exercise. I barely cooked last week because the boy was gone, but he’s not working so should be home most nights for dinner.

9)      Grocery/library

I probably should start working on going to bed earlier, too. Or enjoying the last week of staying up as late as I can.  One of those.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MicheleKS
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 08:39:12

    Where are you speaking on Saturday? If I’m not doing anything I might be able to come by. 🙂


  2. mjfredrick
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 05:42:21

    Michele, it’s at Perico’s Mexican restaurant on Saturday from 9-12. Apparently the restaurant is off 281 North outside 1604.


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