Summer TV


I have a lot more on my Tivo than I thought I’d have on summer vacation. Some shows I watch sooner than others.

I have 4 Leverages on the Tivo that just sit there. On one hand, I watch that one with my husband, so we hold it. But we tend to leave them and watch other things first. Same with Burn Notice.

Memphis Beat I tend to watch quicker, but it’s probably my least favorite summer show. I’m actually not sure why I’m watching it. I think Jason Lee is a terrible actor, but I loved him in Earl.

I like Covert Affairs better this year than last, but it’s another that languishes on the Tivo until late Saturday night when my husband’s asleep on the couch.

We like Alphas. Kind of. But we still have 2 of those on the Tivo.

I like Rizzoli and Isles. I like the friendship and the supporting cast, including the tortoise. But still have 2 of those, too.

I LOVE Haven. LOVE Audrey and Duke and Nathan. Wondering what the heck is going on with the new agent. That one doesn’t wait.

The other one that doesn’t wait is Falling Skies. I love the family dynamics, the tension—I think this is what V could have been. I love post-apoc stuff, and I love Independence Day. And Noah Wylie’s pretty cute as a scruffy and loving daddy.

What are you watching this summer?


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