I will say that I’ve had beautiful days most of my summer vacation. We need the rain like crazy, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

We got a new TV last week and we’ve been watching a LOT of movies. Sadly, most of them STINK.

SEASON OF THE WITCH was the first movie we got, the day after we got the TV. I don’t know where I got the idea that Nicholas Cage was the witch—maybe SORCERER’S APPRENTICE? Anyway, he and  Ron Perlman are knights in the Crusades. Okay, I’m good with that. The opening scene has witches being hung. Also intriguing. Then Nicholas and Ron are asked to escort a witch to some castle place where priests are (had already lost interest at this point). It’s a treacherous journey, yada yada, people die…anyway. NOT good.

IRONCLAD had James Purefoy, so I rented it. It’s set in the time of Prince John, and James Purefoy is…heck, I don’t know, I turned it off. VERY violent. Like, a guy hacking off another guy’s arm, James Purefoy stabbing someone through the mouth. VERY violent. Gross.

BLOODWORTH was a Kris Kristofferson movie. I saw the previews on some other movie and it was about a father coming home after abandoning his family 40 years ago, and since I have a story idea like that, and I like KK and I was kind of envisioning Crazy Heart Part 2…yeah, no. The most DEPRESSING movie about the most VILE people. I still can’t get the slimy feeling off me.

Now the good—SOURCE CODE also came Tuesday and it was really good and kept my interest. Lots of trippy twists and turns, though my dh knocked off who-dun-it from the beginning, which makes sense, if you think about it.

This week I have SOUL SURFER and LAST NIGHT (starring Sam Worthington) coming.

What have you seen on DVD lately? Anything good? Anything bad?

And in case you’re wondering why Timothy’s back, he’s my cowboy in my novella. Because of course he is 🙂



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