Goals for the Week of TOO MUCH SOCIALIZING

So…how I wasn’t going to go anywhere last week? Well, I didn’t, during the day, except one day with my mom. But EVERY NIGHT we went somewhere—twice to look at mattresses, once to Best Buy, once to Harry Potter, and one night the dh wanted to look at a guitar, and the music store is right next to JoAnn Fabric, who had a LOT of school stuff for teachers.

We did get a new mattress, and we’re thisclose to deciding on a new TV. And I met MOST of my goals last week.

This week will be different—I’ll be running around a LOT. Socializing and such, and trying to squeeze in as much as I can in the last three weeks of summer.

1)      Lunch with teacher friends

2)      Winery trip with a different set of teacher friends

3)      Inservice on Wednesday—we need 12 hours a year, and this one is at the missions. Should be cool, and I’m going with some other teachers.

4)      Add 10000 words to my WIP

5)      Judge PYHIAB entries

6)      Deconstruct my previous WIP so I can start revisions

7)      Sew—finish one skirt and get going on another.

8)      Hang with my mom one day

9)      Go see Capt. America

10)   Try to keep up house, exercise and cooking—yeah, not looking good this week!

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