I ‘ve been rereading the Little House on the Prairie books, so last night when I was flipping through the channels, I stopped to watch part of an episode. I think I’d stopped watching at that point, because Mary was married (!) and Laura was still in pigtails but in love with Almanzo (!). So I changed the channel and Grease was on! I remember seeing this in maybe 6th grade. I had the soundtrack on 8-track. It was a little sad to see Jeff Conaway, since he recently passed away, because I always thought he was cuter than Travolta.

I also was influenced by a lot of the fashions.

I had a dress like this of Sandy’s:

And I had an outfit like Marty’s in the last picture, the orange skirt and black top.

And of course I bought the shiny pants for when I went to the skating rink.

I don’t think my mom realized what this movie was about when she took me to see it, and bought me the soundtrack, and bought me the novelization. Still, watching it took me back to those long ago summers.

What movies/shows take you back?


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