Wish List

Now that we have a new roof, I’m looking at other home improvements. We definitely need the house painted because of all the new wood, and I would like a new door, one with the Texas star in the center, one the cats can’t scratch up like they did this one.

After that, a new mattress. Ours isn’t that old, but it has a dip in it. I didn’t realize how bad it was until we spent four nights in a hotel.

Then…I want new couches. Mine aren’t THAT old, maybe 7 years, but they’re yellow chenille. WHAT WAS I THINKING? No matter what I do, they’re never clean. They’re just…ugh. I would love blue ones, but none of the stores near me have blue. My mom has nice leather ones, but I have cats. That just seems like an invitation to disaster. Also, I’d like a sectional, but not sure the dh will go along with that.

Then…I’d like a new TV and a Blue-Ray player. This TV isn’t that old, either, about the same age as the couches, but we can only watch it through the Tivo. And we watch a lot of TV and movies, so it feels like it would be a reasonable expense.

After that, I’d love an iPad. I have no earthly need for an iPad, but I want one. Bad, huh?

What’s on your wish list?


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