Goals for the Week of the DH’s Vacation

Eventually it will feel like summer. I was sick on Sunday, finally went to the doctor on Tuesday. Wednesday night I spilled half the bottle of cough medicine. :::sob:::

Wednesday was also the day the roofers came. They finished Saturday. It was more than was quoted but they essentially had to rebuild the roof. The previous roofers only laid down 3/8 inch plywood, and a lot of it was sagging and rotting though it was only 10 years old. They spent a day scraping the gravel off, then two days rebuilding, then laying down the mulehide and putting the new skylights in. But already I can feel the difference in the temperature of the house, and it’s quieter (important since we live near the airport.)

Now we have to get it painted. Because I WANT more workmen around this summer. I’m never going to get to hang out in my pool.

This week:

1)      Add 14000 words to Bluestone

2)      Pick out new paint

3)      Spend time with my grandma

4)      Blog at SPN Sisters

5)      Do 2 interviews to promote Midnight Sun

6)      Grocery/library

7)      Keep up the house (3 days of not being able to leave the house makes for a CLEAN house)

8)      Hope I can start exercising without hacking up a lung.

9)      Read my friend Norah’s book The Merzetti Effect and Trish’s new book Dangerous Kisses. STILL want to read Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey.

10)   MAYBE find time to go to a movie. I want to see Thor, Pirates, X-Men and Super 8.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Trish Milburn
    Jun 12, 2011 @ 17:04:08

    Currently reading T.R. Ragan’s Abducted. So many, many more books in line after that.


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