Scores and Upheaval

So our TAKS scores came in on Monday and it was not good. We won’t be a recognized campus this year. 8 of my students failed the reading test! One student is new, but the rest–oy. I found out yesterday two of them failed it by ONE question. The principal came around yesterday and asked if we would be retaining any more students, because that meant we were sending 28 students who’d failed the test on to fifth grade. Well, I can’t retain 4 of the kids who failed because they’ve been retained before. Two are from other schools and showed a lot of growth this year. One of those I can send to summer school. And of the other 3, 2 failed by one question. I’m not going to retain them for that. The third one’s grades aren’t bad enough for me to hold her back. It would be a huge shock to the parents, I think. (Well, not that huge, because her teacher last year wanted to retain her, but I think it would be a blow to her self-esteem.) She’s a hard worker, so I’m sending her on. She’s fine in math and the other subjects, but inferencing is tough for her.

On the plus side, only 2 kids failed math (one was the new kid) and only one failed writing (because he NEVER did any in class. Yeesh.)

Because of this (and my scores were pretty good compared to others), there’s a lot of teachers changing grade levels and classes. I’m moving upstairs to music, a 5th grade teacher is changing to 2nd grade and will come to my class. The 2nd grade teacher next to me is looping with her kids to 3rd, and a 3rd grade teacher is looping with hers to 4th to take my place. I think at least 2 other 1st grade teachers are moving, another 3rd grade, and two other 2nd grade teachers. Next week will be mad with moving carts because we have to be done by June 3 since summer school starts June 6.

Thankfully, the music teacher already retired, so I’ve moved most of my things to his old room (no window! SOB!). I just need to take home my rocking chair, my computer table and my teacher chair. I don’t think they’ll fit in the Mini, so I’ll just take the Scion next week. Today will be our last “regular” day. No school Monday, then Tuesday we have a cook out at the park across the street, Wednesday will be board game day, and Thursday, movies and a party. I can’t find the movie that I show every year, Tiny Toons How I Spent My Summer Vacation, so I reordered it and hope it gets here in time!

I keep thinking of all the garbage I don’t have to worry about at the end of the year next year–no PRCs, no test scores, no parent conferences….

Meanwhile, I have  fridge full of Shiner and my paddling pool 😉


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  1. Norah Wilson
    May 27, 2011 @ 09:08:09

    Oh, my, Mary. Sorry to hear about the test results. And yeah, sounds like the move back to teaching music is going to be a good one!


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