Goals for the Week Before the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL

Wow, last week was rough. My kids are eating my lunch. I have a kid whose parents are splitting and his afternoons are out of control. He’s mean and disrespectful and I don’t know what to do. I call home, his mom says, “I’ll talk to him” and hangs up. I send him to the office, nothing changes. Add to that catty girls and kids who don’t get their work finished…and you know why I know there are only 56 more hours of school.

This week:

1)      Add 4K to Bluestone story

2)      Field Day

3)      Awards Day

4)      Move my classroom. I’m mostly packed, but need a couple more plastic totes.

5)      Not freak out over test scores, which absolutely should be in this week

6)      Keep up house

7)      Keep up exercising

8)      Grocery store/library


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