Raylan and Winona

An hour until tonight’s Justified and I’m watching the episode from 2 weeks ago. It’s interesting to see the fissures in Raylan and Winona’s relationship, the cracks that probably shattered it six years ago. I like Raylan with Winona, don’t get me wrong. I think they have great chemistry and I’m a sucker for reunion romances. You have to wonder how people overcome being hurt by someone, only to turn back to that someone. In this case, Winona left Raylan for Gary, the man she’s currently divorcing. But she’s done some selfish stuff this season, putting Raylan’s career at risk, which doesn’t matter much to her because she never liked his job. I can kind of see her point—he was gone a lot, and he’s in danger a lot, but she knew he was a marshal when she married him. They deal with each other in an interesting way, kind of humorous, but kind of cold, I guess, like when she tells him she hates smelling him on her all day, when she doesn’t mean it, or when she tells him sometimes she never wants to see him again, and there are no other times.

I wonder how the events of last week will play in their relationship. His ties to Kentucky are fewer and fewer. Can’t wait to see.


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  1. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Apr 28, 2011 @ 12:11:48

    I’m caught up! 🙂 (Except I haven’t watched last night’s yet.)

    I like Raylan and Winona so much better than Raylan and Ava*, but I can’t say I really like her much. But then, the romance is the least interesting thing to me about this show. I want more Rachel and Tim and regular marshal stuff, and I got frustrated that both seasons pulled more and more away from those and focused more and more on the goings on in Harlan. I get it, but his job is a lot bigger than that. I’d like to see him tied to Kentucky because of the team he works with, not just the old home crowd.

    (*And boy, for some reason I love Boyd and Ava!)


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