Out of My Hands

First, today is Kelly Boyce’s release day! Her first book, The Outlaw Bride, is out today from Carina Press!
Second, tomorrow Trish Milburn will be here talking about the road to self-publishing her AWESOME novel, Living in Color. It will be very informative, and you will go buy the book and read it in honor of Mother’s Day. ‘Kay? Also, I’ll give away a copy (either from Amazon or B&N) to one commenter!
Lately I’ve noticed a HUGE jump in the sales of Hot Shot on Amazon. Like, 4 times the sales of last month, more than this year to date, more than my other titles combined.  I couldn’t figure it out. It’s 3 years old, and I couldn’t find new reviews for it, but I’ve been selling several copies a day. I tweeted about it, and my editor tweeted back and said an excerpt of Hot Shot is included in the Linda Winfree book that’s been free on Amazon this month. Ohhh. Also, COOL!
Also, I got a lovely royalty check from Samhain because of print copies of Breaking Daylight that went out to actual stores.
But. I did a HUGE promo push for Road Signs. I’ve done giveaways and blog tours and Facebook contests and Twitter contests. But when I’ve seen the biggest bump in sales has been with something out of my control, like a review at a big review site, or a publisher choice. OTOH, if I do no promo, that book slips through the cracks, like poor Don’t Look Back. It came out the same week as Sunrise. I hedged my bets with Sunrise and DLB has suffered. Too bad, because it’s a good book.
So what’s the balance? I think you have to have word-of-mouth, that’s the most important thing. But how do you get it going?

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