Writer ADD

In addition to Reader ADD, I have writer ADD. I have no fewer than two story files open all the time. I have the honky tonk story open, because I want to write something new. I have the Midnight Sun story open because I’m working on revisions. And there always seems to be a galley file open.

In addition, I feel like I should be working on the second Bluestone book, and I have that “gift” story complete in my head, and I have another short story, another romantic adventure and 2 more historicals I want to write.  Oh, and revisions on a contracted book, too. I just can’t focus!

I SHOULD finish the contracted revisions, then Midnight Sun, then the honky tonk, then Bluestone, but I just can’t settle into it. And mostly what I want to do whenever I open a manuscript is go to sleep. What do you do when you have writer ADD?


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