I’m back after that month of heroes! Feels good to have my blog back, LOL!

I’ve gotten some meh reviews lately, and while they love my heroes, they’re not too fond of my heroines. I love Bella from Breaking Daylight, and twice she’s been accused of having TSTL moments. Willow from Road Signs is accused of not being worthy of Cam, of moving too slow, of protesting too much. One reviewer thoughtfully mentioned that I may not have given the reader enough backstory there to balance her out, and that could be true.

Admittedly, I fall in love with my heroes first, and I work hard to make the reader do so. Clearly, I need to put the same effort into my heroines.

State testing for the 5th graders the next two days, which means my challenge is to keep my kids quiet and on task. I have 5th grade classes on two sides, and we’ll have administrators in the hall. Joy! But at least we get to wear jeans.

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